Short Cotton Socks for Men - CalzeConte
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Home | Produzione e Vendita Calze intimo Uomo Donna, made in Italy
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Short Cotton Socks for Men

About This Project

Short Cotton Socks for Men is the fashion accessory for the refined and versatile man; a product that encompasses more styles – classical, elegant, casual and sport – and that we introduce in different version and colors. Wearing all the assortment will definetly give high-self confidence and a sense of satisfaction in any circumstances.
Reinforced toe and heel, fine hand linking.
The production processes are carried out entirely inside our hosiery in full respect of the environment. More over, we follow carefully all the protocols required by the law to manufacture such a fine product. In fact, it is our responsibility to verify the adequacy of the factors involved: from the choice of materials and machinery to the production and the final packaging

Calze Cotone Filo di Scozia

80% Cotone 5% Elastico 15% Elastam


September 28, 2015

Men Socks Cotton
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