Long Cotton Socks for Men - CalzeConte
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Long Cotton Socks for Men

About This Project

The socks you can wear in the winter season; not only protect you from the cold but do also ensure a sensation of confort and elegance giving a supreme look at the same time.
For the “Long Cotton” version we suggest various collections of various colors and patterns created by using fine yarns like the pure and authenthic Lisle; we have the classic plain-knit model but also the exuberant ribbed socks or the refined baguette ; more over, thanks to the modern equipment and machines, we are able to produce patterned socks and also, according to clients’ demands, socks with personalized features knitted on them.
The attention to details and the art of linking by hand are guarantee of excellence

Calze Lunghe Filo di Scozia

80% Cotone, 5% Elastico, 15% Elastam,


September 28, 2015

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