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Calzificio Conte was born in 1991 inside an approximate workshop of few square meters, in Melissano, a small village which is about 40 kilometres far from Lecce – the provincial capital – , but very close to the most popular Gallipoli, “the beautiful city” –

Then and today, the production of the best quality socks – 100% Made in Italy – and the constant attention to elegance still represent the main philosophy of our company.

Originally a family-run-firm, for more than twenty years, Calzificio Conte deals with the production and distribution of socks for men and women who choose the classic, the sportive or the casual style for everyday or for important events; the items we suggest obey to a wide range of lines according to everybody’s trends and needs.

Our socks are produced in a modern and wide factory in which advanced machines and high quality row materials together with the experienced and qualified staff contribute all together to create a sophisticated manufacture.

Years after years, the brand Conte Socks , has become synonymous of quality and guarantee; for this reason more and more retailers, wholesalers and shopkeepers are buying and selling it in a large quantity both in small and big Italian and European business contexts.Our mission does not end with the mere production of socks; in fact, it does involve also the creation of an extraordinary product that answer to the customers’ demand for convenience and confort given by wearing Conte Socks

cotone pregiato



We firmly consider accuracy and reliability as the key-words for the company’s management.
In a changing but unstable economic environment like that of today, the use of excellent raw materials, together with the local resources, the experience and the creativity, are all decisive factors for any company’s chances of succes.
For this reason, the whole production processes – from knitting to client delivery – takes place inside our factory under the constant supervsion of our staff that monitor the quality of socks in every phase of the manufacture.


– our machinese: Calzificio Conte uses double cylinder knitting machines from Lonati S.p.A, a worldwide known company for the production of circular knitting machines and knitting machines in Brescia.


– yarns: the success of our products comes from the use of the finest yarns with natural fibres including the “Filo di Scozia” – Lisle – : a refined, resistant and shiny cotton;