Cotton Socks for Women - CalzeConte
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Cotton Socks for Women

About This Project

Cotton Socks for women. The unique Conte Socks class has landed in the female universe.
A wide range of items and colors are created specifically for women who love the style without taking quality apart.
Our socks’ features give the extra special touch to fashion fans and to elegance and sport connoisseurs. In fact, thanks to the accuracy of the production processes and the commitment of the whole team that operates synergistically, our socks appear always stylish and confortable.
We create socks of different models and colors to wear during all the seasons of the year: “sneakers” which reproduce all the summer shades like melon, Caribbean blue, turquoise green, white etc – and the more tenous or light colours in spring like Fuchsia, lilac, cobalt blue; the we have also the very cool “risvoltine” in more sober shades for autumn.
If you choose Conte Socks you will find, eventually, the style you were looking for!
Conte Socks: are always by your side!

Calze Cotone Donna alla Moda

80% Cotone 5% Elastico 15% Elastam


October 12, 2015

Socks Women Cotton
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